17 agosto, 2014

Guitarist Tomás Jiménez José Villalta won the trophy «Bordón Minero», dancer Juan Antonio Fernández Montoya «Barullo» received the «Desplante» award and flamenco instrumentalist Antonio Moreno Saenz received the «Filón».

Cadiz singer David Lagos Aguilar is the new winner of the «Lámpara Minera», the highest award of the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas de La Unión, with a cash prize of 15,000 euros.  A tremendous victory because he also took home four awards in the different singing styles of alegrías, siguiriyas malagueñas and cartageneras.

And it was a much-applauded victory by the people who, once again, filled the Cathedral of Cante.  After tearfully receiving his award, the artist reprised his winning mineras, and interpreted two more songs to a totally enthralled audience.

David Lagos said that «upon hearing his name, the excitement grew and grew, and just ran out of words».  He dedicated he award, which he received from the mayor of La Unión and CEO of the Cante de las Minas Foundation, Francisco Bernabé, to his wife and children and family in general, with special acknowledgement to last year’s winner of the Lámpara Minera, Jeromo Segura, who he said had helped him with the minera.

Another of the winners of the night was the guitarist José Tomás Jiménez Villalta, who earned the «Bordón Minero», and a cash prize of 6,000 euros. The guitarist from Ciudad Real, who had competed in the festival for the second time,, admitted that «this was a dream come true for which he had fought many years».

Flamenco instrumentalist from the Seville town of Utrera, Antonio Moreno Saenz, was awarded the «Filón» prize of  6,000 euros, thanks to his performance with a marimba for taranta and soleá. The artist confessed that although he comes from a classical background, thanks to his Andalusian origins, he managed to find its place in flamenco music with the fusion of the marimba and this

Lastly, the «Desplante» prize of 9,000 euros, went to Juan Antonio Fernández Montoya «Barullo»,  grandson of popular dancer «Farruco» and a native of Sevilla who interpreted taranto and siguiriya.  He gave thanks to God and dedicated the prize to his mother and his grandfather from whom he inherited a passion for flamenco singing.

The Minister of Industry, Tourism, Innovation and Enterprise, Juan Carlos Ruiz, was on hand to officially close the event for which he only had words of praise, stating that «these days La Unión is the Mecca of flamenco, the world capital of this universal art . The festival is much more than a competition, it’s a real media, artistic and tourist event».  He concluded saying that «this year more than 45,000 people have attended some of the events of the Festival, which represents a priceless role in promoting the region, both inside and outside of the country».
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