The singer from Granada gave a superb performance, charged with passion and emotion «at this important venue which is the Cante de las Minas, and for which I feel so much respect»

12.08.14 estrella 712.08.14 estrella 6Estrella Morente, honored at this year’s event of La Unión, was the featured performer of the fifth and final Flamenco Gala of the 54th Festival del Cante de las Minas with a flamenco singing recital, and an adaptation of «Amor Brujo» by Manuel de Falla with the Symphony Orchestra of the San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia.

12.08.14 estrella 5
In the first part of the show, accompanied by the guitar of José Carbonell «Montoyita», and thechorus and percussion of Antonio Carbonell, Victoria Carbonell and Angel Gabarre, the singer’s repertoire included ​a piece dedicated to La Unión, fandangos del Albaycín caña, tarantas, seguirilla and bulería, which also included the taranta «La Antequerana» and an excerpt from «El Pequeño Reloj» which was so masterfully interpreted by her father Enrique Morente.

12.08.14 estrella 7A continuation
In the second part of the show, the artist went on to an even higher level with the presentation of «Amor Brujo» by Manuel de Falla, in its «purest state and most passionate expression».  The singer not only gave voice to the verses of the work, but with her special elegance, gave free rein to the originality of the music inspired in Hispano-Arabic elements in cante jondo and the gypsy culture.  And all with a harmonic and orchestral treatment of the highest order with the Symphony Orchestra of the Catholic University, directed by Emilio Fenoy in the absence of composer Roque Baños who, due to professional commitments, was unable to be present.12.08.14 estrella 5

With this setting, the singer fulfilled her dream to play the character of Candela, because,according to declarations by the artist, ‘El Amor Brujo’ forms an integral part of her childhood and her «way of running through the Albaicín» when she was small.

12.08.14 estrella 6
It should be noted that Estrella Morente was invested last January as the director of theInternational Flamencology Foundation of Cante de las Minas and the Catholic University of San Antonio.  Also, this Wednesday morning, she is to receive the highest honor of the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas, the «Castillete de Oro», and in the afternoon, alongside Arcángel, she will accompany with her singing the bullfighting skills of her husband Javier Conde in the new show “Tauromaquia Flamenca”.