26 agosto, 2014

From the Cante de las Minas Foundation,  we wish to make known that the content of theinformation provided by this entity regarding competitions recently held in Tokyo by the Foundation and the Nippon Association of Flamenco (ANIF), is incorrect as regards the outcome of the dance competition where there were two winners of the same level to share the honor.

In this regard, please take note that for members of the Spanish jury the winner of the competition was dancer Kaori Horikoshi, while for the members of the Japanese jury the winner was dancer Keiko Ishikawa, which is what caused confusion in the initial transmission of the news to Spain and the subsequent early dissemination of this news.

Once back and our country, with this issue clarified, the Spanish delegation decided to uphold the decision of the Cante de las Minas Foundation to maintain the agreement of the panel of judges and thereby declare Kaori Horikoshi the winner, without this detracting from the high level of dance exhibited by the Japanese competitors in general, and Keiko Ishikawa in particular, justifying the decision to extend the invitation to the latter to attend the final stages of the next edition of the Cante de las Minas in 2015 as representative of ANIF.

Information provided on the singing competitions, in which singer Yoko Omori was the winner, and guitar, which went unawarded, are correct from the outset and these decisions were adopted by mutual agreement between the two delegations.

From the Cante de las Minas Foundation, we wish to apologize for errors that may have led to confusion, obviously involuntary, caused by the problem of communicating in different languages,  and the desire to get the word out as soon as possible to Spanish flamenco fans.

And lastly, our organization wishes to publicly reiterate its gratitude to the panel of judges and other members of the Spanish expedition, for the great work done during the celebration of the first edition of the Festival del Cante de las Minas in Tokyo, and most particularly to ANIF, our partner, who will continue to work closely in the future to make possible new editions of the event, all the participating artists for the interest shown and the high artistic level, and to the Japanese audience who followed the event en masse for the three days it was held,  demonstrating that Japan should be considered, along with Spain, to be the nation that most loves, respects and fights for the preservation, enhancement and dissemination of the best flamenco in the world.