The Irish town of Limerick, European City of Culture 2014, is one of the next destinations that will receive the visit of Las Minas Flamenco Tour over the coming months.

This agreement has been reached between the Mayor of the municipality, Kathleen Leddin, and our own Mayor and Executive Chairman of the Cante de las Minas Foundation, Francisco Bernabé, in the meeting both held and wherein the first authority of Limerick was enthusiastic about hosting this initiative to internationalize our Flamenco event.

Bernabé stressed the importance of going to Limerick, on the one hand, due to the importance of the city, one of the best-known in Ireland, and also for being this year one of the European capitals of culture, which gives all activities of this nature high impact and visibility in surrounding countries.

Also in the meeting, both municipalities discussed issues of environmental sustainability, as both Limerick and La Unión are member cities on environmental projects of the European Unión.