15 agosto, 2014

The mine of La Unión was the setting for the flamenco singing recital of Jeromo Segura, winner of the 2013 Lámpara Minera, who came to present his recording «La Voz de la Mina» accompanied on guitar by Rosendo Fernández.

This evening, the Agrupa Vicenta mine became the stage where singer Jeromo Segura presented his new album in a recital of cante. The winner of last year’s «Lámpara Minera», accompanied on guitar by Rosendo Fernández offered the exclusive premiere of his album «La Voz de la Mina.
Anthology of Mining Cantes of La Unión».

The work, which this year was awarded the «Pencho Cros» prize in the Discography section of the International Cultural Awards of the Festival del Cante de las Minas, reflects the legacy of mining cantes from the families Cros and Fernández, and the anthological purity of the songs of La Unión.

On a magical stage located 80 feet below ground, and with an audience of over 150 people, Jeromo Segura started his performance accompanied by the silence of the mine, interpreting a minera which quickly triggered the first shouts of «ole» from the audience.

14.08.14 geromo 2
A unique and extraordinary recital, consisting of the most traditional forms of the area, such as mineras, tarantas, cartageneras and fandangos, wherein flamenco song was combined with a nearly mystical venue that transported us to the years when the mine was the center of life in La Unión.
Jeromo Segura dedicated this album to the mining town of La Unión, and most especially to the two families of artists, Cros and Fernández. The singer himself said that this album was14.08.14 geromo 6 a debt he owed the people, and these two families, because what has developed in La Unión is «a gift of God».

Segura added that 20 levante songs of different styles were recorded, but they will be another 20 to 30 songs, in other words, there will be second part to this record. Today, deep within the heart of the Agrupa Vicenta mine, the singer interpreted 16 songs from the new album.

14.08.14 geromo 5
The last winner of the coveted «Lámpara Minera» said the Festival del Cante de las Minas is the biggest in the world, and his advice to this year’s aspirantes, was above all else to preserve the «purity» of the songs.
Jeromo Segura managed to create an atmosphere of contained emotion, evoking the songs sung by the miners who once worked inside the mine itself, little different from the «Agrupa Vicenta», where today his prodigious voice rang out.


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