15 agosto, 2014

Memories of the great Peruvian guitarist and percussionist Rafael Santa Cruz, were present in this educational activity.

This morning the tribute to Paco de Lucía began with the «Course of Initiation and Advanced Techniques for Cajón» which brought together twenty students from the School of Flamenco Art of La Unión.  The course, distributed between morning and afternoon sessions, will cover everything from basic classes of cajón for beginners, in which other disciplines will be dealt with, such as  Brazilian samba and pop-rock, as well as classes in advanced techniques for flamenco cajón. A comprehensive program for a heterogeneous group of students coming from different parts of the province of Murcia, and including a student from France, are people who either wish to have a basic understanding of this instrument, or want to delve into advanced techniques and other
musical styles.

15.08.14  cajón course
15.0814 Curso cajonesThis first tribute to Paco de Lucia, which also has honored musician Rafael Santa Cruz, who died recently, started with the projection of the video «Interview with Rafael Santa Cruz.  Afro-Peruvian percussion: the origin of the cajón».  Afterwards, the students began with the cajón initiation class in which «El Guille» introduced the basic sounds of the cajón to all those present. The morning session concluded with the course of advanced techniques for Brazilian rhythms such as samba or bossa nova, directed by Pepe Abellán.

In the afternoon, Abellán himself, along with «El Guille», continued this tribute with cajón techniques for bulerías, one of the flamenco forms that has most evolved in flamenco percussion and where there are different ways of interpreting it.

To finish up, and prior to the presentation of diplomas, David «El Indio», drummer for the pop group Vetusta Morla, started the students out in the techniques of the cajón for pop, rock and funk music.

15.0814 cajón course 2
The tribute is scheduled to continue on Saturday the 16th, at 8:15pm, with the Great Public Cajón Celebration, which will fill the Avenue of Flamenco with rhythm, and in which cajón players 15.0814 Curso cajones2Guillermo García “El Guille”, Antonio Enrique Fernández “Wito”, Miguel Ángel Orengo and guitarists Rosendo Fernández, Antonio Muñoz, Juan Martínez and Fran Tornero will be participating.